100% of participants rated this retreat
extremely good value for money.

100% of participants were very likely to
recommend this to a friend, loved one or family member.

100% of participants left the retreat with
a more positive relationship to themselves, others and their lives.

100% of participants experienced an
improvement in their mental and emotional wellbeing.

What participants of our Retreats thought...

  • "This retreat is a space different to others I have experienced. It was a unique balance of practical ways and subtle guidance it assists me. I found it authentic, and I have some powerful ways to assist me as I journey forward." –Helen

  • "I am enormously grateful. I felt incredible safe but also allowed space and skills to explore my week individually. It’s a humble, very feminine, very strong me who leaves tomorrow." –PE

  • "I was able to let go of my armour and step into a more intuitive, genuine place of being that I had never felt safe to do before. I healed physical tension that has been with me for years and awakened abilities beyond my previous view of the world." –Alissa

  • "Caroline and Michelle expertly guided us through this very deep experience. I remain stunned and delighted by the depth of their knowledge, scientifically and spiritually." –VC

  • "An extremely physical and mentally challenging experience with unimaginable rewards”. –MS

  • "Thanks Michelle and Caroline to create such a wonderful space where we could find ourselves and dare to be the best version of ourselves. I have the feeling it is a heart-based retreat!" –CH

  • "What a wonderous insightful experience! The sense of safety created with the group early was exquisite and allowed me to move through so many internal blocks whilst feeling whole heartedly supported." –Dr AG

  • "Enliven is the perfect description of
    your retreats. Life enhancing." –TA

  • "Caroline and Michelle are great. They are both very experienced practitioners and a pleasure to spend time with. The retreat really is a tonic for the soul. Thank you." –TS


  • "The program is one I want to share with ALL the women I love. Incredible opportunity." –TW

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What participants of our Insightful Wisdom Triad Sessions thought...

  • "It's been 4 weeks since my session and I am feeling so different and have noticed my ability to manage stress is better."

  • "The session was different to anything I have experienced before. The combination of Michelle and Caroline’s feedback offered enormous insight into my normalised responses to the challenging areas of my life."

  • "The triad sessions have supported me to create changes without experiencing guilt."

  • "Through the sessions learned so much about myself and my ability to change the parts of my life that no longer serve me at this time."

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