Meet your Mentors – Caroline and Michelle

Our why...

Our collaboration started a few years ago, at the Yarra Valley Living Centre where we co-curated a series of life-changing and empowering transformation retreats. We have a strong ethos of supporting women to show up for themselves. Why? Because we believe in the strength and power of women and how much their personal expansion can influence and impact not only their own circles but the broader community around them. We want to see more of this in the women we connect with… individuals who come in one way, and leave more assured, confident, and empowered to live a beautiful life they love.

Michelle and Caroline have a unique connection that spans over a decade of working, laughing and evolving together.

About Caroline Hales

Caroline Hales is a holistic counsellor and integrative mentor who inspires people to view themselves and their lives through a different lens. She has qualifications in the science of healing, somatic counselling, group facilitation and yoga.

About Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Dr Michelle Woolhouse is a medical doctor, podcast host and author of The Wonder Within. She has over 22 years of experience in treating patients using more integrative modalities with qualifications in medicine, hypnotherapy, mind-body medicine, sound therapy and meditation, and traditional acupuncture. Blending science and spirituality, Dr Michelle helps people decode the language of their bodies to support them to achieve optimal wellbeing.