What is the accommodation?

Bali, The Shala, Ubud Retreat 

The Shala retreat centre is set in a quiet part of Ubud. The accommodation is all single occupancy with king beds with an ensuite bathroom. Should you be paying for tution only, there is alternative accomodation available near by. Partners and friends can also be grouped together for a reduced fee if this is applicable. Each room has a lovely garden outlook.

I would love to do it, but...? 

Justifying the price of any investment is always important. Given that a retreat such as this is something you are looking into, perhaps you might consider asking yourself a few further questions to assess where your mind-set is at. 

In terms of the status quo, what value do you place on peace of mind and sense of self? 

The way you currently operate, is this a sustainable practice or one that requires constant maintenance, visits to health practitioners, support people, supplements and other material items? 

How much do you value qualities such as integrity, clarity, courage, self respect and empowerment? 

What is the financial, personal, mental and emotional cost of staying in your current mode of operating? 

Enliven retreats are deeply personal and transformational. The lessons, the insights and the connections can last a lifetime.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Please speak to us if this option is of interest to you. We offer the opportunity to pay in 4 instalments, by setting up a direct-debit plan. Please note this option incurs an additional admin fee.

Can I claim a tax deduction?

Enliven retreats are not only beneficial for all women, they can be a great support for those in the work-place and for professional development. Mindfulness meditation practices, personal development and communication skills all enhance your capability in the working environment. 

If you require a receipt for the cost of the retreat in order to tax deduct it, this can be arranged.

Do I have to know what I want, or have any experience prior to joining your retreats?

Enliven retreats are designed to help you navigate the pathway to a deeper understanding of yourself, your choices, your patterns and your longings. Every person is unique and therefore the path looks different for everyone. Enliven retreats will give you the skills, tools and experience you need to support your journey. 

If you are unsure about whether these retreats are suitable for you, please contact us with your questions.

I have some food intolerances, will I be catered for?

The Shala, Ubud, has experienced and dedicated chefs who are well versed in food intolerances. We generally offer a vegetarian menu for our retreat participants.

Are massages and other relaxation treatments included in the cost?

Body work and other relaxation therapies are a fantastic adjunct to the program, however all treatments will incur a fee paid directly with the venues. The reason is that each participant tends to have different needs and budgets and availability can be limited. We have allocated times for these opportunities to occur. They will be booked on a first in, first serve basis. 

In Bali, the staff will be able to assist you with this. Massage, ayuvedic treatments and other relaxation therapies can be booked through the centre.

Travel requirements 


Enliven retreats offer land only packages. 

Flights are not included in the fee. You are therefore responsible for all air and other travel arrangements to and from the venues. 

The closest airport to The Shala, Ubud, is Denpasar, Bali. 


All transfers can be easily arranged with The Shala, Ubud, prior to the retreat.

Do I have to attend all the programs offered? 

No, it is up to you to decide what is the best care for you? We have taken time to create programs with time for reflection and rest.

What sort of clothes should I bring? 

Comfort is by far the most important factor in choosing clothes for a retreat. 

• Comfortable walking shoes. 

• Free flowing clothes that allow you to move. 

• Slip on shoes and are easily removed. 

Some ideas to consider for Winter/autumn retreats 

• Warm socks, and /or footwear for non-summer retreats. 

• Shawls and light blankets 

• Comfortable active wear, which allows you to move freely. 

• A warm hat 

Some ideas for Bali/summer retreats 

• A light jumper or cardigan as the evenings can get cool. 

• A sun hat 

• Bathers/swimwear 

• Summer shawls (these are particularly great for bali retreats for modesty, respecting traditions and sun protection) 

• A long dress, which covers the shoulders, is good for attending a ceremony.

What about my medications and travel safety advice? 

Please bring all prescribed and /or regularly required medications with you, with enough to last the trip. 

Please speak to your health care provider for further personalised advice pertaining to the country you are going to. 

Other helpful things to pack: 

Probiotics (SB floractive or other shelf stable probiotic) 

Melatonin and/or calming herbs for sleep support as required. 

Sunscreen and insect repellent is advised. 

A personal first aid kit containing paracetamol, wound and injury care and hydration support. The following links have access to up to date information regarding recommendations.



Do I require vaccinations?

Travel vaccines are strongly recommended. Please make sure you speak with your GP prior to departure. 

What are the regulations in relation to COVID 19 Vaccinations?

As of June 2023, you not longer require a vaccination certificate to enter Bali.

Do Australian passport holders need a Visa to enter Bali?

Yes, Visas are required and available on arrival into Bali and cost $50 approximately. You will need one free page and a minimum of 6 months validity on your passport post your return date back into Australia. 


What Balinese Traditions should I be aware of?

There is an expectation that you will honour and follow the different cultural guidelines during the retreats. 

Wear a sarong (piece of fabric to tie around the hips, which covers the legs) and, when necessary, a sashe (belt tied around the hips) in Bali’s temples and sacred places. 

Access to temples and other sacred places is prohibited to women during their period, by religious belief. 

If you attend a ceremony in a temple, make sure to always be positioned lower than the officiating priest. The reverse would be seen as a lack of respect. 

Being mindful to avoid walking on the multiple offerings lying on the floor, in front of the houses and inside the temples. 

What is your Cancellation Policy? 

In these unprecedented times of travel we aim to make our cancellation and postponement policy as straightforward as possible.

If you need to cancel 60 days or more before arrival due to any reason you will have the option to move to a new retreat date or convert your booking into a credit. 

Should you be unable to attend due to COVID related or any other personal reason inside the 60 days no refund will be available. 

We highly recommend that you take out travel insurance with specific Covid-19 cancellation and curtailment provisions which are now available.

TO CANCEL, you must send an email stating that you wish to cancel within the relevant time frame as specified above. 

Please note that there will be no alterations in pricing or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness.

What happens if the retreat doesn't go ahead? 

In the unlikely event that the retreat is cancelled due to weather or natural disaster, or other unforeseen circumstances you will be offered the options of either moving to a new retreat date. 

Unfortunately, we cannot compensate you for airfares and other travel costs incurred. To cover these risks, we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance. 

If we have to cancel the retreat due to a lack of participants, we will refund all deposits and payments that you have made.